The Flight

I then climbed up the ladder of a gigantic vehicle and got inside. I quickly tried to find a seat were I could sit, though there was too many choices to find. After we settled down on our seats, I could finally relax and drink my hot coffee. After a few minutes, me and the people heard a radio-like voice coming from every seat. “ Ahem- Attention, all passengers. Please remain in your seats, as we are ready to take flight,” It then turns off with a beep. I looked for my bag an took my furry pillow to sleep, as the assistants turn the music on. After one hour of drinking my coffee, I then slowly drift to sleep.

The Museum

I was with my friends Suhani, Josie and Alexis as we where sneaking into this Old Museum, far, far away from the countryside. It was funny how this building only lives in the meadows and not near the City.

“ This place is too dusty! “ I said, sneezing. “ Well, we gotta deal with it,” Alexis replied. “ Guys, I’m just gonna stay outside and wait for you all!–” Suhani said nervously running away. “ Your not going anywhere, Suhani! Can’t you see where finding the statue?” Josie said, dragging her back by the arm. “ Ok fine….” Suhani replied. “ Guys, where here…” I said.

The Birthday Present

I was sleeping in the middle of the Saturday morning, snoozing…until I noticed something “ Wait… I forgot about the present for my friend!” I thought. I straight away got up and ran out of the house….and if your wondering why I didn’t get ready, is because the birthday party starts at 8:00 am and right now, it’s….7:40!? I panicked as I ran quickly on the street– still in my PJs.

“ Which way to the shops?” I panted. I checked on my watch and it was 7:48 am. I didn’t even care anymore. I ran to the closest shop and people where then glancing at me in confusion. Even a BABY stared.

The City

I hid in the alleyways. I didn’t want to be caught by witches. Then I hear a voice behind me. “ ….Come here…” It said. “ Gah! Who are you!?–” “ Shhhh….be quiet…don’t want to make them turn you into a mouse!” It replied and took off his black hood. “ My name’s Jack Dewleaf,”

“ M-my name is Ashley” I replied. “ Well, hi there! I live in this city.” Something was behind his back. It was a dog. A demon-like dog. “ This is Big-Tooth,” His pet suddenly started to float. “ Woah…I didn’t realise they could fly!” I said. “ They can!” He replied.

The Abandoned Tower

I was on a trip with my best friends on this abandoned island. “ Guys! I think I’ve found something….” Aidan said. “ Huh?” I asked. “ …I think it’s a building.” He replied. I squinted my eyes and tried to see where Aidan’s view was coming from. “ What….that’s not a  building!” Nate said. “ It’s a tower!” “ How come you can see a better view!?” I asked. “ I brought binoculars!” He replied. “ Anyways…what is that building doing there?” I questioned. “ Like I said. It’s not a building,” Nate said. “ Oh, w-whatever!” I said.

The Tsunami

I can hear the people screaming from the distance as I blankly stare at the giant wave 1 mile away from our town. The police came running in. “ Guys! Get out!” They said. I was still distracted by the wave coming closer and closer to our town, until some one finally grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the house. It was my cousin, Hilary! “ Snap out of it, Sarah! We need to go!” I shook my head and ran with him…until something happened…A flash of light…then darkness….. “ SARAH!” They screamed….was this the end…?

The Unknown

Chloe was a detective from the underworld that can spot paranormal things from places. She is now studying abandoned Malls and which were the hardest things to work as a detective. Chloe slowly paced from hall to hall. She opened some lockers and took pictures of them for analysation. She soon walks pass them and got out her flashlight. Creak….The noise echoed from room to room. “…What was that?,” She murmured, then accidentally tripped over a rock. After she gets up, he found words on the wall: “Wistful…Rule….Oar….Wrinkled….Mushroom…”

“ What does this mean?” She said. “ Well lets find out…”

Scarecrow|Part 2

I woke up, feeling dizzy. I felt a cold, heavy breath on my face, so cold that I shivered, on the ground. My eyes widened…No one was there. But then I realised, I was in the scarecrow’s house. I felt scared and panicked, but I knew no one would comfort me. Maybe it was a hallucination? We don’t know. I stood up, traumatised. I can’t believe I was the ONLY one that first got here. But finally, I shook my head and made a determined-looking face. I didn’t wan’t to give up…Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room….TO BE CONTINUED.

100 word challenge (horror story!)


I ran but tripped over. Welp. This is a weird thing to start a story. But anyways yes. I tripped over then looked up. I saw what it appears to be a farm. Some say this farm was haunted or even cursed. I slowly stood up and froze. I was anxious to go inside so I tried to face my fears. To help myself, I took a deep breath, then walked step…by…step. I went pass the long grass, especially the dead corpses of magpies and crows. I got startled and almost screamed. Finally I made it but something was blocking my way. A scarecrow. I screamed and blacked out.

Persuasive by me!

The Elder Fruit

I woke up and got stuffed in a bag. I almost suffocated. It was half closed. There was a frui- I mean an elder right next to me. He was very old and wise I look up at him and said, “ Who are you?”. He paused for a second but looked back at me. He was surprised yet confused. “Hello little cherry?” He said. “ H-Hi,” I mumbled.

“ Well, child, is it okay if I told you a story?,” He said unsurely. I nodded slowly. “One time the orange one spoke that—”

“ Is this gonna be boring?” I questioned. He frowned.